terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2008

Monsday - Journal of Days

Night is my home. The stars glued in the dark blue firmament light my path and show me the way. Travelling swiftly in the stoned floor of the streets of my city, I am a wanderer ignored by all. I am but one amidst the crowd. But I am not like them. I have the gift of Blood. Alone I walk under the moon's blessing and I crave to see everything and anything. I crave for knowledge. I crave for music. Time passes by and its effects slip this polished stone, leaving it unharmed. Night is mine and I belong to her. The windows of my soul wander and glare the world. Sometimes, living statues of ancient Greek muses travel by and attract me, my soul is kept mesmerized by such sight. Romantic as I am, I want to show me to them, I want to love them, I want to embrace them and keep them for me. I beg for these divinities. But I mustn't have them. Because no matter how much I could possibly want them, Death flows in my veins and thus I cannot give in to the temptation of sharing it. Not ever, not never.... I shall remain alone in my search, giving way to knowledge and appraising all of it. For I am an apprentice. The eternal apprentice....


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Francisco Norega (eragon369) disse...

Pá! Está excelente! Lindo!

Parabéns ;-)

(Nunca pensei perceber o texto todo tão bem como aconteceu :-P)