sábado, 12 de julho de 2008

Triad of Passion, Command and Discovery.

From nothing everything is created and in the end, all comes down to nothing.
The chaotic misteries of the universe navigate even the farthest corners of its dimension. Some of them reside in us.
But for chaos to exist, before shall be the order. And in order life is created. Variety comes with chaos. And after the chaos, order sets down again and life flows freely. The chaos spreaded life and scattered around the planet. However, there is much more than just what we see or feel or smell or hear. There is everything else we can't perceive. And from that part of the universe, come the most powerful forces that rule over reality.

Three seeds were planted and grew, never seeing each other, not knowing nothing but their gardens. Three little seeds, independent little seeds. The winds of Fate didn't think like that, though. . .
Fate's web spins and threads as it will and strange patterns are formed. One, eventually, leads all the three seeds together, linking them. And by the Lady of the Moon, the forces, the spiritual ones, take action. Three little seeds that merged to form a flower. A simple, lonely and wonderful flower. One body with three sections:

The peduncle, the base, from where it all began, rising up in the air and giving birth to the other two.
The flower itself, which is the beauty of the being, its very own soul. Without it, the being had no purpose.
The thorns, which are the being's protective armor and deflect all harm aimed at it.

And as it is from seeds, it can be with other beings. The Triad had birth and the chaos on it is settling. Soon, order will claim what is hers and rule over it. But while not, things stand as they mote to be. The union makes the strength and the union of different beings with different strengths makes an undestrucible bond.

In me burns the fire of Passion, the heat of love and the flames of the moment. Quick, strong and profound, the fire burns hot and slowly but doesn't burn, it gives warmth. . .
Inside him, resides the voice of Reason. The emperor, councilor and the messenger, he's the prophet of the Gods, the one who sees and understands all.
From her shines the Inspiration for which the other two are lured into. Beauty torned with sour frames of pain, all together in the Muse.

The wheels of Destiny will now roll and take them on a journey that only the Fates know where it will end. A journey where either order will take place or chaos will shatter it all.

2 comentários:

Lúzia_Eleanora disse...

Boa noite ^^
Meu querido, achei simplesmente belo o facto de após tão pouco tempo, se ter criado desde já algo tão intenso, entre nós os 3. Esta união é mágica, única; e sei que irá durar para toda a eternidade. Como explicaste, todos nós temos a nossa parte activa nesta relação, e todos somos igualmente indespensáveis, por isso, posso concluir logicamente que nos completamos, tal qual uma rosa... [Caule, espinhos e flor] formando um conjunto, todo ele harmonioso e extremamente belo...
Não sei que mais te dizer, por isso, acabo o meu humilde comentário com um sincero Obrigada!

7 kisses in your soul my dear

PayNe disse...

É um prazer ter a tua presença aqui no meu blog, minha querida. :3

Foi realmente algo de mágico que se passou. E penso que não poderia ter acontecido noutra altura...

Sim, foi uma empatia instantânea que nos ligou e nos manterá ligados por muitos e vindouros anos, de onde todos beneficiaremos uns dos outros.

Sem dúvida, que com vocês passaremos momentos de prata (so porque não gosto de ouro e adoro prata xD), inesquecíveis!

Waiting eagerly for them, your disciple and protector.