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Why Human are hated by animals

If you could ask an animal, any kind of animal, the race they hate the most, surely they would tell you the same answer: humans. It may be for a variety of facts. After all, we destroy their homes, we kill them for their bodies or parts of them and do millions of things to the rightful owners of the Earth. But I would believe that one of the main reasons of that hate would be something along the lines of "we allow the weak and the helpless to reproduce".

Against all Nature has gifted us, against our inner capabilities have we ever fought. Primal in the beginning, we soon gained and developed three things that distinguish us from the rest of the animal world (or so we think): Intellectual thinking, Ethics and Moral. These three things, which most people believe a synonym of Humanity, are our top achievements and shall be our downfall as well. Keep reading.
Intellectual thinking brought us to the current Age, ever since the invention of the Wheel. Ethics and Moral came as we built our civilizations, step by step. However, each step droves us farther from the main gifts the Nature had paired us with, such as Instinct and Survivability. Today, few people even have a sense of Instinct and survivability is near to one. Put 80% of world population outside civilization and they die, not knowing how to survive. Pitiful, a wolf would say. How could we let ourselves reach this point? (Out of stupidity, another major human trait, by my standards).
In Animal Kingdom, you don't see injured or handicapped animals running around with the pack. If a wolf is born with a defective heart (like, persistence of arterial duct or Fallot tetralogy, or something else) he eventually is left behind to fend for himself, since he tires faster and can't hunt as efficiently as the others. A gazelle with a handicapped leg, which prevents her from walking straight is quickly caught by a predator and serving as a dinner plate faster than the others. What do we do in Human Kingdom? We allow people with congenital diseases to reproduce. We take care of them, patch the problem the best we can, so that person can live a long life and pass that lovely trait of hers to her descendants.

Now, every being as a right to Life. Okay, I get that and even agree with it. However, things get a little uglier when we think about the definition of "Life". Because if you tell me that a child with Trisomy 21 can get a normal life, then I'll tell you "No!". In my opinion, a Life isn't about having a people taking care of you all the time until you die because you are unable to take care of yourself, isn't about having to visit the hospital monthly or even more regularly to check on my health, isn't about having psychological help every moment of my life because my mental capabilities are reduced. I like my liberty thanks. Oh, and not to say the Burden those people are to who takes care of them. Yes, because no matter how humanitarian you are, those people are a burden. You humanitarians are just willing to support that burden.

If we choose the traits (and thus the genes) we want when breeding our dogs and cats and milking cows, why can't we do the same with our own race? Is it that inhuman? To crave for a better pool of genes, without congenital disease genes mixed in the middle? Yes, I am talking of aborting or sacrificing congenital disease-carrying babies. And birth control to people who have minor/serious genetic diseases. Is it inhuman to crave for a perfection of our DNA? Because that's what Nature has been doing with animals and, believe me, it has been working for the last million years. Just watch National Geographic for once and you'll know what I mean. Oh right, we have a thing called Ethics! And another one called Moral. The things we created to distinguish ourselves from wild animals and to keep us stagnant throughout the centuries. Yup, we sure are digging our own grave...

The only stagnant race around is us, because we do everything in our capacities to freakingly remain the same!!! We don't search for improvement!!! If that isn't silly and stupid, then pardon me, I was born in the wrong side of the world.

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