terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

One little girl, one little boy

One little girl who's not a little piggy
One little girl who is right down silly
One little girl who dresses in black
She walks and walks but often looks back.

One little boy who wonders all day
One little boy who is often away
One little boy who spends his time wishing
That he could find what he feels it's missing.

They both meet and the encounter is weird
Odd eyes, crossed stares, no movement no stir
Something comes to mind, a gesture so flimsy
Two nervous smiles that come so easily.

Walk around, walk around
Where no people abound
Hand-in-hand they walk
He only hears, she only talks.

Finally the day comes to an end
The sun comes down, returns to its den
One final stare between the four eyes
Sends them away, far from paradise.

One little girl who misses him truly
One little girl who wishes him fully
One little girl who thinks nothing more
Than to hug him and kiss him for Evermore.

One little boy who feels so bitter
One little boy who can't stand or be sitted
One little boy who craves to be loved
To listen the voice of the girl he has heard.

Para Violeta **

2 comentários:

* disse...

sooo nice :)

(vi tudo em desenhos do tim burton)

PayNe disse...

:) dava para uma curta dele, lá isso dava.