quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2008

Love's Pain

The slumber comes to an end, slowly
I find myself laying in my room
Staring at the ceiling, peacefully.

You've entered my dreams
and left me staggered.
Your dreaded beauty paralyzes my limbs
You made me your prey, upon you I faultered.

Death's doom upon your sight
My wicked soul cries...
Stolen from all my light
Shattered, in my body, my soul dies.

The crow is my guide, to the destiny flying to
A lonely soul wandering by
Both souls' joy, still one question: Why?
My love, my soul is nothing without you...

Until Death throws us apart!

Um comentário:

Black Dahlia disse...

bem inspiraste-te!

ta muito lindo, mesmo, se duvida alguma. adorei :)

"...until death throws us apart!"